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hunting reserve

Hunting Club Kotel organizes hunting on following species - deer and doe, deer and roe deer, wild pigs, hunting small game. We provide well-trained hunting dogs and a hunting guide.

Hunt Deer and Doe. Waylay, Stalking, Lure (see details)
Bucks and Deer. Waylay, Stalking, Lure (see details)
Wild pigs. Stalking, Races, Lurk (see details)
Rabbits. Race, Lurk, Lifting smooth running (see details)
Badger. Waylay, Stalking, Underground hunting (see details)
Wood pigeon. Hunting through enticement of shelter by baits (see details)
Quail. Dogs for lifting smooth running (see details)
Wolf. Fox. Jackal. Lure, Lurk , Stalking , Posses (see details)