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За град Котел
picture kotel

Kotel is located in the Eastern Balkan Mountains (527m altitude) and 49 km northeast of Sliven. It is the way of the strategic pass in the Eastern Balkan Mountains, which significantly determines the city's history.

The unique nature and fresh air in this picturesque mountain town, combined with a rich historical past and architectural monuments of the Renaissance and good conditions for tourism, provides an interesting and memorable stay in the city.
Routes in Kotel, offer the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature and various natural phenomena.

Town guests are able to visit:

- Architectural reserves such as neighborhood " Galata " in Kotel ;
- Villages: Zheravna, Medven, Katunishte and Gradec ;
- Natural History Museum in Kotel ;
- Kyorpev house ; Galatan School - Carpet weaving Museum of Art ;
- Mausoleum of GS Rakovsky and the Museum of National Revival of Kotel ;
- "St. Trinity "and" St. Peter and Paul , " Sparing carvings of the Tryavna School ;
- Europe's first school of folk songs and instrumental music - Music School " Philip Koutev "
- Park " Springs " in the northern part of the city with its unique three spring;
- Medvenska River Falls " Jumps ", " Blue Pool " and Medvenska springs.
- Caves Ledenika, cave Dryanovska, “Bloody Puddle”, Rakovsky.

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