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 hunting foxes and jackals
pictures foxes and jackals

In Club Kotel hunting fox and jackal is arranged in groups or individually in the presence of a hunting guide. Hunting is done by race, by underground hunting with dogs by stalking through the lure with sound.

Hunting with dogs

Underground fox hunt is organized mainly during the mating and breeding season when these predators are in their holes and especially in early morning. Used hunting dogs also smaller in stature beagles who have demonstrated passion for fox hunting. The location of the holes is pre-determined by the behavior and surveillance of the areas.

Hunting with post battue

Areas that are known to have a presence of foxes and jackals are identified. By video shriveling of these areas are known pathways in which the game comes out. There is no need to have a lot of the drivers, as foxes are raised very easily. Hunters should stay very still.

Hunt by stalking

Foxes may be lurking near the holes in the evening or early in the morning or at artificial baits. Wait for foxes and jackals is arranged near a meadow close to a high waiting. The bait place is made at 30 to 40m away from at waiting and an animal prey is left periodically.

Hunting with bait

Most suitable are quiet and clear winter days and bright moonlit nights when special whistle is used to imitate the cry of wounded rabbit. Can be used a record that plays rabbit dying screams. Foxes are looked for even in places and tracks where they go out in search of food.

hunt fox

All year long.

hunt jackals

Prices for shot fox and jackal - 10 €.


1. Prices for accommodation in Guesthouse "Rakovski".
- Bed + Breakfast: 100 lv
2. Hunting guide for a day - 75€
3. Price for group hunting of wild pigs - 60 € per hunter per day
4. Vehicle per day - 75€

Hunting deer and doe

1. Trophies of red deer and roe deer are paid based on weight measured 24 hours after the shooting, cleaning and boiling. When this deadline can not be met, the weight is subtracted 5% humidity.
2. For early and not found big game except for group hunting of wild boar and individual hunting of wild boar/is paid 50% of the price of the shot game.
3. All additional services are negotiable.
4. Application for hunting is considered confirmed when the services are prepaid at the rate of 30% at the latest 10 days before the hunt.

*Note: All prices are in Euro including VAT.