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marten and polecat
marten and polecat hunting

In Hunting Club Kotel marten and polecat hunting is organized by stalking the waiting, holes, watering points, by underground hunting with dogs.

Hunt by waylay

Polecat and marten are hunted by waiting where baits are, especially during the winter season. This is the most common way of capturing this kind of predators. The reserve provides 7 waiting points which are monitored by video cameras in the presence of marten and polecat.

Hunt by stalking

The points for catering, potassium and water sources, and places for rest in mating period of the predators are well known. In many areas of hunting are constructed salt pans that provide the game with the needed minerals. All areas are under video surveillance we know in what time of the year to they appear and how to organize a successful stalking of this type of game.

Underground hunting with dogs

The location of their holes is tracked using the video surveillance. Hunting club Kotel provides well-trained hunting dogs to help remove the predator from the hole. Once removed from the hole, the animal becomes an easy target.

marten and polecat predators

All year long

marten and polecat prices

Prices for shot marten and polecat - 6 €.


1. Prices for accommodation in Guesthouse "Rakovski".
- Bed + Breakfast: 100 lv
2. Hunting guide for a day - 75€
3. Price for group hunting of wild pigs - 60 € per hunter per day
4. Vehicle per day - 75€

Hunting deer and doe

1. Trophies of red deer and roe deer are paid based on weight measured 24 hours after the shooting, cleaning and boiling. When this deadline can not be met, the weight is subtracted 5% humidity.
2. For early and not found big game except for group hunting of wild boar and individual hunting of wild boar/is paid 50% of the price of the shot game.
3. All additional services are negotiable.
4. Application for hunting is considered confirmed when the services are prepaid at the rate of 30% at the latest 10 days before the hunt.

*Note: All prices are in Euro including VAT.