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Other services hunting club kotel

For pleasant and full relaxation to its customers Hunting Club Kotel offers the following services:

1. Photo hunting
At an altitude of about 800 meters and led by experienced guides - hunters can photo shoot red deer, roe deer, wild boar, grouse, bear, wolf and fox, various trees and plants. Stunning views of the greatness of the Balkan Mountains.
Prices for photo hunting with driver - 75 €.

2. Ecotourism
Organizing visits to architectural and historical reserves and monuments and natural sites in the region. Presence of trails with good tourist infrastructure for hiking.
Prices for ecotourism - 75 €.

3. Use of a motor vehicle
Organize a walk with jeep trails in Stara Planina. Unforgettable sights and exciting experience when visiting interesting landscapes.
Price for jeep safari - 75 €.