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rabbit hunt

In Hunting Club Kotel rabbit hunting can be organized in groups or individually with well-trained hunting dogs.

Hunting rabbits can be practiced through dogs for lifting in smooth way, race, through waylaying at waiting points, walkways and other designated for this purpose hunting areas.

In a time of active hunting season typical habitats of rabbits are known and these areas are under video surveillance. Rabbit hunting is practiced through the following methods of hunting:

Dogs forlifting in smooth running

It is practiced in woodland of the reserve, open areas with trees and shrubs and fields that are known to have the presence of this type of game. A detour is necessary to the corner areas of the hunting zone. The reserve secures the hunters with beagles.


In the forested areas of the reserve can be practiced post battue. The drivers start at the low and patrol the hill to the top. Always when hunting rabbits the detour is started from lower parts. For the purposes of hunting are offered well-trained hunting dogs.

Hunting by stalking

Rabbit hunting can be organized also by waylaying at the secured with video surveillance designated areas - 7 in total high indoor waiting points near the game lands, trails, watering points, built near the reserve’s salt pans.

hunting seasons

from 1st of October to 31st of December

hunting services

Price for shooting wild rabbit - 15 €.
Game meat - € 5 per kg.

*Note: for whole animal with skin, drawn, without head and feet, incl. veterinary certificate.

1. Prices for accommodation in Guesthouse "Rakovski".
- Bed + Breakfast: 100 lv
2. Hunting guide for a day - 75€
3. Price for group hunting of wild pigs - 60 € per hunter per day
4. Vehicle per day - 75€

Hunting deer and doe

1. Trophies of red deer and roe deer are paid based on weight measured 24 hours after the shooting, cleaning and boiling. When this deadline can not be met, the weight is subtracted 5% humidity.
2. For early and not found big game except for group hunting of wild boar and individual hunting of wild boar/is paid 50% of the price of the shot game.
3. All additional services are negotiable.
4. Application for hunting is considered confirmed when the services are prepaid at the rate of 30% at the latest 10 days before the hunt.

*Note: All prices are in Euro including VAT.