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hunting of wild pigs - group
hunting of wild pigs - race

In Hunting Club Kotel there is individual selection and group hunting of wild pigs.

Group hunting of wild pigs is organized by race. For successful type of hunting, the reserve provides a well trained hunting dogs and hunting guide.


In the reserve, hunting of wild pigs is organized by race. The number of races is 10. By video surveillance and careful detour we know the areas in which the presence of wild pigs was observed. The game trails are known that offer a good chance to see the game to getting out. The position of the hunters is done perfectly to be close to places for hunt. For successful type of hunting, the reserve offers the use of well trained dogs drivers and a hunting guide. Wild pig falls in place only if vital organs are affected such as heart, brain, lungs, spine, in case of hitting the legs, buttocks and upper back only wounds beast.

Hunt by lure

from October to second Sunday of January

Price hunting

Trophy of the game is paid based on the average length of the lower teeth.
*Note: for shot wild boar up to 1 year - 100 €. For shot wild boar from 1 year to 2 years - 150 €. For shot female over 2 years - 500 €. In case of race hunting when animal is wounded and not found no fee is paid.
Game meat - 3 € per kg.
*Note: for whole animal with skin, drawn, without head and feet, including a veterinary certificate.

wild pigs prices

Discounts: All year /except for the period 01.03 to 01.07 in adult female. For selection-shot animals with visible signs of interbreeding or sanitary shooting at the discretion of hunting guide - 50%.


1. Prices for accommodation in Guesthouse "Rakovski".
- Bed + Breakfast: 100 lv
2. Price for group hunting of wild pigs - 120 € per hunter per day

Hunting deer and doe

1. Trophies of red deer and roe deer are paid based on weight measured 24 hours after the shooting, cleaning and boiling. When this deadline can not be met, the weight is subtracted 5% humidity.
2. For early and not found big game except for group hunting of wild boar and individual hunting of wild boar/is paid 50% of the price of the shot game.
3. All additional services are negotiable.
4. Application for hunting is considered confirmed when the services are prepaid at the rate of 30% at the latest 10 days before the hunt.

*Note: All prices are in Euro including VAT.