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wood pigeon
hunt wood pigeon

In Hunting Club Kotel hunting of doves and wood pigeon is arranged at shelter in waylay by luring with artificial imitations of birds.

Hunt by stalking

Hunting dove and wood pigeon is done mainly by waylay. It is arranged in the morning and evening on the outskirts of the forest behind the trees and bushes when they fly to the fields to feed on or near wetlands where peck sand and salted soils. We know the frequency of their visits, because in these areas is provided video surveillance.

Hunting at shelter

In this type of hunting can be used natural shelters - shrubs, trees, high stalks of sunflowers. We know the routes and air routes to the feeding, watering areas, as well as places that are used to rest and nesting - trees, poles, power lines.

Using bait

Doves are sociable birds and as such often seek the company of other perched birds. Therefore, hunting from shelter or waylay can be used decoy - as artificial imitations and hit birds properly secured. Birds are placed on clean tends to be seen from far, while hunting in areas with fertilizers –they are placed on the ground. This greatly increases the effectiveness of hunting.

wood pigeon, turtle-dove, dove

Dove: from the 2nd Saturday of August to 30th of November; Wood pigeon: from the 2nd Saturday of August to the 2nd Sunday of February; Turtle-dove: on the 2nd Saturday of August to 31st of December.

hunting services wood pigeon, turtle-dove, dove

Wood pigeon - 3 €; Turtle-dove - 3 €; Dove - 3 €;
Meat of wood pigeon, turtle-dove, dove - 1€ per kg.

*Note: for whole animal with skin, drawn, without head and feet, incl. veterinary certificate.

1. Prices for accommodation in Guesthouse "Rakovski".
- Bed + Breakfast: 100 lv.
2. Hunting guide for a day - 75€
3. Price for group hunting of wild pigs - 60 € per hunter per day
4. Vehicle per day - 75€

Hunting deer and doe

1. Trophies of red deer and roe deer are paid based on weight measured 24 hours after the shooting, cleaning and boiling. When this deadline can not be met, the weight is subtracted 5% humidity.
2. For early and not found big game except for group hunting of wild boar and individual hunting of wild boar/is paid 50% of the price of the shot game.
3. All additional services are negotiable.
4. Application for hunting is considered confirmed when the services are prepaid at the rate of 30% at the latest 10 days before the hunt.

*Note: All prices are in Euro including VAT.